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Reality in writing

The things you imagine, are real."
                        ---Pablo Picasso. In other words, there should be reality in what you imagine, at least from a writers perspective.
I came across the above quote from a family movie that I watched, and the main character in the movie, is someone who imagines a lot. He had a pretty wild imagination and even though his imaginations were kind of unrealistic, his imaginations were connected with his life, with the reality in his life. It was a really good movie, that got an emotion from me. And I just loved how it turned out and how that movie can have an effect on writers and also set as an example. My point? It is true that fictions are merely formulated, they aren't real, they are just things that we found roaming in our heads, waiting to come out. But then again, fictions are gotten from true life events. They are things from our imaginations but they are things that have been experienced by a person, in real life. Sometimes what read…

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